The activity of CCPPR

The accentuated development of the ferrous metallurgy in our country, starting with the year 1965 a new growth in the refractory industry began, fact that led to the necessity of establish a research unit specific for this type of field, which had as mission to insure the modernization of the refractory industry and the assimilation of necessary products for the ferrous metallurgy, considering the entire changes that had intervened along time, through own efforts of research without license input or know how. In this way came in to being, in 1973, The Centre for Research and Design of Refractory Products Brasov, and in 1974, came into being in Alba Iulia a branch of this centre.

In the year 1999, Alba Iulia Branch becomes due to division an independent society under the name: The Center for Research, Design and Refractory Manufacturing - Centrul de Cercetare, Proiectare si Productie Refractare ( SC CCPPR SA ), containing also activities of micro production diversified in 2 shops (one shop of refractory production and the other one a mechanic shop).

The main activities developed inside the centre are:


With a 30 year experience in the applicative research, the research team from CCPPR SA Alba Iulia is author and coauthor of numerous scientific papers and articles, of a number of 130 investments, 300 research papers concretized through the assimilation of 140 refractory products, offers services for the following works:

  • assimilation of new products
  • turning into revaluation of raw materials
  • turning into revaluation of technological scraps from different industrial processes
  • the improvement of the present manufacturing
  • technical assistance for the users of refractory products
  • technical aid at the refractory products manufacturers
  • ervices done for different persons by doing laboratory testes, like:
    • lassical and spectral chemical analysis
    • special thermal analysis
    • mineralogical analysis
    • physical-mechanical tests


  • designs technological fluxes for refractory products, abrasive and building materials
  • makes technical-economical studies regarding the grow possibilities of the productivity and quality in the production processes of the refractory industry and construction materials
  • makes documentations in obtaining approvals for locations, sorrouding environment, etc. for projects from any field of activity
  • elaborates impact studies and environment balances
  • designs modernizing and readjustment of technological lines (storing raw materials, internal shipment, mechanizing of technological lines, etc.)
  • assures technical aid up to achieving the designed parameters for the newly designed technological lines


  • designs industrial constructions
  • calculations for structural resistance
  • designs foundations and support for technological devices and machinery
  • designs precincts plans, road and platform plans
  • elaborates construction expertise’s and evaluations
  • elaborates technical books for constructions
  • consulting


  • designs alimentary installations with utilities
  • installations for distributing utilities in industrial and agricultural enclosures
  • cooling centralized equipment, with water in closed circuit
  • draws up folders for instructions necessary for projects


  • design of electrical equipment for consumption
  • industrial automatization and drives
  • offers technical aid and service at putting into operation


Having an activity of 30 years in the field of high quality refractory products manufacturing, with a very well trained personal the workshop is offering you:

  • dense refractory products in any typo-dimensions through own technology without claylike alloyed
  • thermal isolating refractory products for the car building industry and the metallurgical one
  • special refractory products for the metallurgical sector:
  • casting ship system for inert gases
  • porous plug with distributed permeability
  • porous cylinders
  • mastics , distorting and cement applying under pressure devices,
  • dense and thermal isolating concrete,
  • dense and thermal isolating refractory mortars
  • technical ceramics of any grade, type and size for electro technical industry, chemical industry, machine building industry and metallurgy
  • corks and orifices, chamotte - graphitic, corundum-graphitic
  • casting powders
  • service in the field of moulding and burning


  • hydraulic and pneumatic pumps repairing
  • etallic confections
  • chip removals processes (turning, milling, honing, drilling SIP)
  • welded nets
SC Centrul de Cercetare, Proiectare şi Producţie Refractare SA, Str. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Nr. 23, Alba Iulia, România. Tel. 0258.815.772