Hydraulic equipment reparation

Thought in the design stage to effectuate the repairing of the whole series of hydraulic equipments from the refractory sector, it is endowed with some special machinery like:

  • Drilling machine in coordinates.
  • Honing machinery that permits the honing of ports with a diameter of maximum 150mm, and length up 1250 mm,
  • Complex installation of welding through points which would permit the realization of some welded net panels with the diameter of the wire between 4-6 mm , the dimension of the eye on the length of 50-500 mm transversal between 100-500 mm, the maximal dimension of the panels being 2000x 6000 mm.

Presently, within this project there are realized repairing of the hydraulic pumps and distributors, metallic confections welded nets as well as the whole SDV necessary for the realization of the products in the refractory section of the centre.

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