Along its existence the design staff unfurled an activity based on the solving of the equipment modernization problems and development of the refractory sector. Collaborating with specialists from the Institute of Metallurgical Design from (IPROMET) Bucharest and through their own forces , elaborated documents for a series of important economical objectives like:

  • The extension of the production capacity at S.C. RESIAL S.A. Alba Iulia
  • The fabrication of a heater section with drawer-valve for the ladle ware of casting steal at S.C REAL S.A. Ploiesti
  • The development of micro-production activities at the branch in Alba Iulia of the Centre of Research and Design Brasov.

In this sense there were done specific machinery projects for the refractory field resulting in the endowment of the sector factories like :

  • Automatic presses with friction type PFA of 120 tf.
  • Hydraulic presses of 650 and 1200 tf.
  • Equipment for continual filling.
  • Equipment of grinding and screening
  • Installations of catching and retention of the powder, etc.

There was also designed a whole new scale of patterns necessary to the realization of products in fabrication at S.C. RESIAL S.A. Alba Iulia for the presses with friction and also for the hydraulic ones. During the years 1980 – 1992 there were realized the analysis of the energetic balances for the majority of the factories in the refractory sector.

Presently, the staff is occupied with the realization of the relevant design works to the themes of research in the national programs and also with the design of patterns and S.D.V - necessary production activities of the Centre and for third persons. The design staff can also execute documentation necessary for the execution of:

  • Production fluxes for the realization of refractory materials and construction materials;
  • Specific machinery to the sectors that produce refractory materials and construction materials;
  • Powder and solid pollutants separation and catching installations.
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